Thanks for stopping by! My name is Ania and I’m a wedding/lifestyle photographer in love with bright, creamy and timeless photography that shows raw, real emotions. I’m just a normal girl who appreciates all the small gestures and ordinary things that surround us. I am addicted to coffee (but only a good one, haha), from which I always start the day. I like those lazy mornings when I stand by the window with a cup in my hand and watch how everything wakes up to life. I admire summer (no wonder, I was born in one of the hottest months of the year – in July). Sometimes I say too much, sometimes I just prefer to listen. I love reading books but also watching a variety of shows and good movies. I like to be surrounded by beautiful things. I also smile and laugh a lot:)

So if you like my photos, do not hesitate to write to me. Tell me about yourself, your plans and your Big Day.